niedziela, 12 sierpnia 2018

Yoshi Flower - Brown Paper Bag

Who: Yoshi Flower Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

Why: Because everything in this song is perfect! That guitar, that beat - I have to breathe in and breathe out because it's so good!

Antra - White

Who: Antra Facebook Twitter Instagram

Why: Because I'm usually not sharing songs without vocals on CSGM, but this one is so good that I have to share it!

Where: SoundCloud

Laura Jean Anderson - Love You Most

Who: Laura Jean Anderson Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

Why: Because it's one of those songs that makes me go to the balcony, light a cigarette, stare at the landscape dreamily, thinking about many things.

Jai Wolf - Lost (feat. Chelsea Jade)

Who: Jai Wolf Facebook Twitter Instagram Website 
Chelsea Jade Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

Why: Because of that chilling but uplifting melody. Because of the lyrics.

Where: SoundCloud YouTube Spotify AppleMusic

Jenaux - My Friend

Who: Jenaux Facebook Twitter Instagram

Why: Because I still have that phenomenal Get It On on my playlist. Can't believe that I wrote about it more than two years ago - it seems like it was yesterday. So, I'm extremely glad that he gave us another funky banger!

FRND - Before U I Didn't Exist

Who: FRND Facebook Twitter Instagram

Why: Because it's his 4th appearance on CSGM and he still keeps the same high level of his productions.

CAEZAR - Hold On / Waiting

Who: CAEZAR Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

Why: Because they have everything to become a new great pop-rock band. Catchy melodies, interesting vocals, and a really good production. I won't be surprised if they'll be able to say "Veni, Vidi, Vici" soon.

Hold On